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Autosampler deployment

The sampler has now been used in the field for a study in nitrate concentrations. Part of the deployment process included placing the collection bottles in a chilled container, such as a insulated lunch box with ice packs. This adds … Continue reading

Autosampler final cut

Well almost. I realized a useful feature would be a button that, when pressed, would run each pump for 10 seconds. This would allow for cleaning with deionized or distilled water and also to check that all pumps are functioning. … Continue reading


So after working out some current issues, the unit is working as expected and I have moved it into a housing. It’s almost completely sealed except for the headphone jacks I’m using as pump connectors. While it should be fairly … Continue reading

Autosampler, almost complete

The guts of the unit are complete. Headphone jacks allow for the easy exchange of pumps. A basic test script shows all pumps are running as expected. The next task is to place the unit in a housing that will … Continue reading

Autosampler, moving along

The sampler is moving along well. The setup reads the dates and times from a config file on micro sd for each of the 5 pumps to run. Time is kept by a real time clock and the pumps are … Continue reading

New Project: Autosampler

Work on my thesis this summer will require that I be in more than one place at a time! Getting pricing on commercial/scientific portable autosamplers shows that there is plenty of room for more affordable options. That is why I … Continue reading


Active Projects Oven Controller The Oven Controller is a device that allows for the highly controlled temperature of a standard toaster oven. Eco Sensor Network The Eco Sensor Network is a collection of ground sensor packs that support low-cost field … Continue reading