Autosampler final cut

Well almost. I realized a useful feature would be a button that, when pressed, would run each pump for 10 seconds. This would allow for cleaning with deionized or distilled water and also to check that all pumps are functioning. ¬†From the time a current is applied to the pump to the time water makes it out of the end of the ~3′ tube (1/4″ inner diameter) is about 1-2 seconds.

Check out these photos of the complete system after its first successful run in the bathroom sink.

The complete system.

Detail of the pump-head. You can see the the screws and nuts used that perfectly hold on to the pump’s housing. Click on the photo for a bigger view.

The bottom of the pump head. To help keep the pumps running, a drain sleeve will be cut and placed over the bottom and maybe top openings of the housing to prevent sediment from potentially clogging up the pump.

The pump-head housing is a 4″ PVC pipe cut in half. This allows for easier drilling of the pump retainer screw holes and getting the tubing into place.

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